Unfinished Furniture Showroom

We have new solid wood unfinished furniture in beech, cherry, maple, oak and walnut. Most of our furniture is manufactured in the USA. We specialize more in kitchen & dinning furniture such as benches, chairs, rockers, stools and tables. We offer many seat options and provide a custom finishing service for your convenience. If we don't have an item in stock, we can order it from our manufacturers (see Manufacturing Links).

Why Buy Unfinished Furniture?

There are two main reasons to buy unfinished furniture:
First, you get to see the quality of wood before you buy it.
Second, you have the flexibility of choosing any stain color to match your home decor.

With a piece of unfinished furniture, you can see the quality of wood before a stain is applied.
Unfinished furniture manufacturers have to use a higher grade of lumber because they cannot hide any defects. If you buy finished furniture, you can't see any discoloration, weak points, or defects under a factory finish.

You get to choose your stain color to match your taste. You can be creative to make it your own. Many times you can only get a few color choices from a furniture store. With unfinished furniture, the possibilities are endless!



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